To Change The World, Allow People To Change Yours


I was driving downtown the other day and I saw something that filled me up with joy and enthusiasm.

There was a girl standing on the corner of the intersection. She was smiling and waving at cars as they drove by. It’s as if she was just creating good vibes to share with the world.

She was holding a cardboard sign, and what it said put a smile on my face.

More importantly, it changed my world; only because I allowed it to.

5 Beliefs That Make Moving Forward In Life Difficult


I’ve just turned 21, landed a job with my dream company, and am about to move halfway around the world.

Exotic travel, crazy adventures, late-night rendezvous, orgasmic-tasting cuisine, Asian women, new people, indecipherable languages, and a kick-ass company that aims to change the world.

This is everything I could have ever asked for. I am completely deserving of this.

Yet, I feel more lost than ever.

I never realized that success can be a hard thing to handle until now. There are some beliefs that a young dreamer must let go of if they want to move forward in life with a full head of happiness and confidence.

Nostalgia Bringing Me Back To One Year Ago

There must have been millions of stars scattered across the sky. A few stars were glimmering with light, effusively living their purpose.

It’s as if they were pulsating with an untapped energy, ready to realize their fullest potential.

Beautiful. Tranquil. Serene.

This nostalgic moment reminded me of when I always used to lay outside and look up at the stars. Looking at the stars was very significant for me, especially at a point in my life where I didn’t know what my next step was.

The 3 Areas of Life I Have Discovered that Create REAL Happiness and Fulfillment


This past year, I made a huge leap of faith to drop out of college and begin pursuing my dreams.

I didn’t really have much going for me. I had no experience, no credentials, and no freaking clue as to how I was going to succeed in life. All I knew is that I would stay on this new path until I found a way, no matter how long or hard it may be.

The very first priority in my life became focusing on my own happiness.

Fast-forward to today: I just landed a job with my dream company where I’ll be making a living wage as a 21 year-old, I’m about to move half-way around the world, and the path to some of my biggest and craziest dreams is now becoming clear.

I have discovered that there are 3 areas of life that define the human experience. Focusing on these 3 areas will ALWAYS create more happiness and fulfillment in your life. I know this to be true because I am living it right now.

DREAM ACCOMPLISHED | #7 Have An Opportunity To Work For Mindvalley

Mindvalley Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been sent a gift from the gods, handed down to me by the esoteric hands of life.

Unicorns soar the spectacular blue skies. Narwhals host very proper tea parties. Kiwi birds can say “I love you” in 742 different languages. Sunshine tastes like decadent cheesecake. The moon tastes like Havarti cheese. I am six feet tall.

These may not all be true (it would be soo cool if they were), but do you know what is true?

I have officially succeeded at achieving my dream of working for Mindvalley!

This is a monumental moment for me in my life, and I am so incredibly thankful.

But this is only the beginning. ;]

Change The World Through Living Your Story

Living Your Story Thumbnail

Today marks the one year (plus 7 extra days, woops) anniversary for my YouTube channel!

I have created 45 videos, gained 60 subscribers, and amassed 6,311 total views. Achieving this in 372 days is actually very pathetic for my own personal standards, but do you know what I’m most proud of?

The fact that I had the courage to start.

This is the moment I began living my story and sharing it with the world.

Over this past year, I have come to realize that we are all living inside of this status quo that is defined by complete mediocrity.

I believe if you begin living your story, then you will inspire others to do the same.

This is what I believe will change the world.

My Fifth Mindvalley Interview: Why I Believe I’m Getting Hired!

5th Mindvalley Interview Thumbnail

I’m excited to unofficially announce that I am 99.99% sure I am going to be Mindvalley’s newest employee!

My fifth Mindvalley interview took place last night. That interview was the shortest, most deliciously sweet interview yet.

I had it with the Head Boss of the Customer Support Team. Her official title is not Head Boss, but it would be cool if it was.

She said a few things that really makes me believe that I am going to be their newest employee.

It is amazing to believe that 32 days ago, Mindvalley didn’t know I existed; now they want me to join their family.

Why do I say this? Read on, young dreamer.

How A Relationship Ended Badly And Changed My Life

Relationship Thumbnail

At the beginning of 2013, I managed to meet a really cute girl. We will call her Ruby. I said some cheesy lines. She liked it. We started to talk all the time. Eventually, we planned our first date. It was going to be at a bowling alley.

I met Ruby on an online dating site called OKCupid. She was the only girl who actually talked to me out of fifty others. Why was I a 19 year-old on a dating site?

I had developed major confidence issues with myself when it came to meeting new people.

This relationship is what fueled my desire to become the best version of myself possible.