Hi. I’m Sam.


Raise both middle fingers into the air.

Now just say “fuck it”.

This is what I want to inspire you to do, and that’s why I write this blog.

What do I mean exactly?

Imagine living your life exactly the way you want to. You probably view it as impossible.

But is it actually?

I have an unrealistic dream to become a millionaire by January 1st, 2020.

Impossible, right?

We’ve all been conditioned to have these limiting beliefs about what we’re truly capable of accomplishing.

I want to shatter those limiting beliefs.

Lately, I’ve been realizing that I want to dedicate myself to living an epic life. I want to push myself beyond my own limits.


I’m beginning to believe that those limits don’t actually exist.

So what’s a better way of shattering limiting beliefs than by dedicating myself to becoming a millionaire in 5 years?

I don’t want to just talk about it, I want to live it.

This is how I aim to inspire you; leading by example.

About Me

I’m a 21-year-old college dropout.

College was not for me, so in a moment of extreme courage and emotional pain, I decided to quit.

Good grades and perfect test scores were not enough for me. Homework didn’t turn me on, and neither did listening to a teacher talk for hours every day. I did not find the value in a college degree for what I wanted to do. 

And I had no idea what the fuck I wanted to do!

Instead of following the beaten path, I decided to go on an adventure and create my own.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.

Quitting college as a 20-year-old was challenging, but it was liberating.

For the next year, I discovered personal growth, spirituality, true confidence, and how to dream big.

Regardless of all of the amazing things I was learning, I still lived with my mom, held very small jobs, and couldn’t pay for anything myself. I began to realize that quitting college wasn’t enough.

I needed to keep making drastic changes in my life and get outside of my comfort zone even further.

So I made this video.

What you don’t know is that Mindvalley is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As I shot this video, I lived in Seattle, Washington.

Mindvalley wanted me to come work for them.

So four months later, I bought a one-way plane ticket to South-East Asia.

Booyah baby.


I defeated some big odds to get here.

I am one of the youngest employees here, have the least amount of working experience, least amount of qualifications, and least amount of travel…

Yet, I still made it.

I work on the WOW Team: the sexiest customer support team in the world.


I am now happier than ever.

I live on my own, can support myself financially, am surrounded by amazing people, and I do not understand a word most locals are saying.

I absolutely love it.

Working at Mindvalley has inspired me to dream in a very big way.

And to also stand out in a big way.

Remember my stupidly crazy goal for becoming a millionaire in 5 years?

Yeah, I’m nowhere even close.

As I write this, I only have $1,000 USD to my name, I own no businesses, I am not considered a brilliant genius, and I’m not a master of any remarkable skill.

Three months ago, I was learning how to pay my own bills for the first time.

But this doesn’t stop me from asking this one question:

What Does it Take to Achieve Impossible Goals and Live an Epic Life?

This is what I ultimately aim to find out.

It’s become a gift and a curse.

Let me explain.

Lately, things have begun to click in my head. All of that advice about how to succeed in life is just beginning to make sense.

Before, I just heard all of the advice, but never truly believed in it. I was always searching for that ultimate piece of advice. I was always searching for that all-encompassing empowering belief that made every single fear disappear.

But I’m understanding that it all comes down to this:

Hustle, courage, and focus.

Now, everything makes sense. I truly believe what they say. I don’t know how this happened. The stars must have been perfectly aligned, or I must have heard and experienced life in such a perfect way up until now.

I’ve experience a shift in myself.

Because of this, I am no longer ignorant to this vague term of success; it all “clicks” in my head.

So my gift?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams.

My curse?

I will only be happy if I’m taking massive action towards my dreams.

If I do anything less, then I am wasting my time.

Choosing to stay home and work instead of go out and party; waking up at 5:30AM instead of sleeping in; getting outside my comfort zone instead of remaining stable: I’m not happy if I’m not doing these things.

If I’m not doing these things, I’ll never know what it feels like to live an epic life.

Let me inspire you to become a crazy mother fucker like me.

We need more of us, because we’re the only ones that will change this world. 😉

Does This Spark Your Soul Fire?

Then baby, it’s meant to be.

Let me live by example, fail a fuck-ton, and inspire your soul.

Through my failures, successes will emerge. You can take these success I’ve learned and then fail a fuck-ton yourself.

Because only through experience and failure will you ever truly know.

How fun does that sound? :)

Dedicated to you and me,

Sam Clitheroe


  • Ankit Mandal

    Moster-SIzed Inspiration ,Bro !!

  • Desirée Halaseh

    You’re my hero right now.

  • Cong Vo

    Dude Just wanted to say I discovered your youtube channel around 6-9 months ago and you inspired me to dropped out of college started my own business and becoming financially free. On the same path as you bro. Good luck with everything!