My Third Mindvalley Interview: The Turning Point I’ve Been Hoping For!

Third Mindvalley Interview Thumbnail

Yes baby! Things are beginning to flow along very smoothly, especially since I had my third Mindvalley interview last night.

How did it go?

It went absolutely incredible. This interview was a turning point for me. The Interview felt more like a casual conversation rather than an interview, and I just relaxed and lived in the present moment without worrying about what I was going to say.

I received an email a few hours after my third interview. The reason why I believe this interview was a turning point for me is because of what the email said.

My Second Mindvalley Interview: Intensity and Obstacles Ensue

Second Mindvalley Interview

After my first Mindvalley interview, three amazing things have happened:

1.) I received an email asking me for a second interview last Thursday
2.) I had my second interview this morning
3.) I have already booked my third interview for this Sunday

But this second interview was much more intense than the first one, and actually had a couple of rather large obstacles that were placed in my path; one being completely outside of my control.

I believe I handled the interview very well. I was presented with something that most people would perceive as a bad sign, but I perceived it as a great opportunity.

Asking questions and doing my homework proved to be very useful.

What Was In My Inbox? A Lovely Invitation For A Mindvalley Interview!

Mindvalley Interview

Last week, I shared my excitement with the universe about how I created my Awesome Mindvalley Cover Letter. That video project was a result of spending a romantic honeymoon with the oh-so sexy Adobe Premiere Pro. That video was sent into the infinite realm of YouTube to serve one singular purpose:

Landing me a Mindvalley interview.

48 hours after I sent in my video cover letter, I received an email in my inbox. After I read the email, I had to find a way to express my happiness, because I just experienced a moment of when a dream becomes a possibility.

I had just landed my first Mindvalley interview.

Creating The Video For My Awesome Mindvalley Cover Letter

Mindvalley Cover Letter Thumbnail

After hours of of creative brainstorming and peaceful meditation (yes, I get my Buddha on), I have finally created the video for my Mindvalley cover letter!

There are so many reasons why the pursuit of this dream is making me overflow with happiness and awe-gasmic sensations. I believe the very act of pursuing a meaningful dream in your life will create genuine happiness; this is why I feel the way I do right now.

Working On My NEXT Step Towards The Mindvalley Dream

Sam Clitheroe Mindvalley

Just to quickly recap: I am pursuing my dream for working at a company called Mindvalley. They are located in Malaysia and aim to push humanity forward by affecting 1 billion lives by 2050. They specialize in personal growth and improving the quality of people’s lives.

I am exploring this idea of achieving success through applying laser-like focus to the next step in my journey. I am not worrying about the second step, or the third step, or even the last step. I am only focused on the next step, and that is finishing my video cover letter.

Why Receiving My College Degree SUCKED!

College Degree

I did all of my homework, I asked my teachers stupid questions that I should have known the answer to, I studied hard, I always attended class, and I went to bed early every night. I was a fantastic student by definition because I did everything I was supposed to.

I finished my last week of college. It felt surreal. I was done at that college. Forever. I was expecting to experience a spectacular sense of happiness and achievement by earning my college degree.

Well… I turned out to be wrong. Like, really wrong.

The Official Launch Of Dream Of Everything!

Dream Of Everything - Life Through The Eyes Of A Dreamer

I’m excited to announce the official launch of Dream of Everything, my new blog project. Today is also my 21st birthday!

My dynamic destiny is to be remarkable, change the world, and live a life I’ll never regret.

The purpose of Dream of Everything is to inspire you to do the same. If this sparks your soul fire, then baby, it’s meant to be. And what does my dynamic destiny even mean? It’s simply about becoming who you want to become, giving back to the world, and doing the things you want to do.